Wednesday Trailer Tim burton unveils his bloody

Wednesday Trailer Tim burton unveils his bloody reimagining of the Adams family for Netflix from a comic strip to a 60s sitcom

This fall, the ghoulish clan will be brought to life in the upcoming spin-off series  its official teaser trailer is from the mind of Tim Burton,

The family has appeared in various forms.

In the spin-off Wednesday, attends

Nevermore academy, where she attempts toMaster her new psychic abilities and sawthe murder mystery connected to herfamily's past

Into a nightmare, Ortega says in thetrailerfull of mystery, mayhem and murder iI think I'm going to love it here.

Little did I know that I'd be stepping

the other members of the Adams family

Include Catherine zeta jones asmortician luis guzman as gomez and isaacOrdonez is Wednesday's brother Pugsley.

Victor Doro Bantu plays the disembodied.hand servant thing while George Garciaplays servant lurch

Gwendolyn christie Jamie McShane PercyHeinz white hunter Duhan Emma Myers farmer and Ricky iconic role of Wednesday in the 90s film series will make a special appearance

Miller serves as co-showrunners writer and executive additional director steve stark, Andrew Mittman KevinMazeroski Kayla Alpert Jonathan Glickman,  Wednesday is produced by MGM television.