‘Thiruchithambalam’ movie Review: Dhanush and Nithya Menon are fascinating

The film is like that: repressed emotions. Still, the film isn't as painful as you might think. It is, in fact, 


This is a film that has a charming innocence at its core. Speaking of which, Dhanush plays the lead role and is referred to as Pagham, which often means someone innocent in Tamil. 



Thiruchithambalam movie

And who can sell sweets like Dhanush in Indian cinema? When the actor plays an innocent, good-for-nothing guy, there's something austere about how he does it.




We saw it in Poladhaban. Adukalam VIP. Ranjana. Vada Chennai In many films. There is Nithya Menon, who can sell innocence. And they act in movies together.



‘Thiruchithambalam’ movie Review

We saw it in Poladhaban. Adukalam VIP. Ranjana. Vada Chennai In many films. There is Nithya Menon, who can sell innocence. And they act in movies together.


How great is that? The answer is 'Megham Karuk Katha,' where they dance like two butterflies.

First, Mithran and Jawahar put a delightful spin on the Velai Illa Pattadhari template. The film still follows the structure of VIP and borrows a few high points and Aniruddha's score,


‘Thiruchithambalam’ movie Review

But the similarities end there. It is difficult to say whether Thiruchithambalam is a rom-com or a slice-of-life drama on domestic life. It is both. 


It has the dress and language of a rom-com as it has three heroines with Dhanush. Still, it's a slice of life drama about letting go, directed by a brilliant Bharathiraj and Prakash Raj.

"ROM-COM" is only a layer and never forward.

How Mithran writes these characters and the respective worlds they inhabit is remarkable. Pajaham tries to follow his high school sweetheart Anusha


He works in a food delivery company and looks, upper class. Then comes Ranjani (Priya Bhavani Shankar), who hails from her home village of Tiruchithambalam, committed to her roots. 


In both these cases, Thiruchithrambalam becomes a pretty middle man who, And there's Shobana (a terrific Nithya Menon. Well, she's never been terrific?)can neither rise nor rise.


Mithran does not use Anusha and Ranjani's background as an excuse or to make a statement. He uses it to highlight: "What you like and want are different."

Forget taking yourself, and this film doesn't pretend to be big either; Its aspiration is the size of the colony where Pazham and Shobana live. 

Dhanush and Nithya Menon


That is a great boon for a film full of life...it is anchored by emotion. Thiruchithambalam is a rare rom-com that maintains an even tone throughout its duration.

The character.

Take, example, the scene where Pajaham dresses up to meet Anusha for a date, not knowing that she will break his heart in the next scene. And the film subverts this by telling Shobana,


And the film subverts this by telling Shobana, "Why are you dressed like a server?" We laughed. Not at the expense of the characters but the absurdity of their nature.


In short, the mood of joy prevails everywhere. Even in the terrifying scene in which Pazham is shown his place in a world alien to him when someone tips him off,


This lack of judgment and ability to laugh at your bad times with someone who has your back makes Thiruchithambalam so close to life. Of course, there is a hitch in tone, 

Mitran has a lot of room for error. Here and there. Take, for example, the scene where Pazhum feels the weight of guilt at seeing his father paralyzed.

You are guessing where the film is going somewhere in the last quarter. You don't mind. Yet you root for Dhanush and Nithya Menon.  There is so much sadness in his eyes yet so much hope.

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