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Sahaj Mitra Axis Bank BC

Sahaj Mitr is a village level entrepreneur, Sahaj Mitra Meet the Management, 1. Amit Kumar Singh – (CEO) Chief Executive Officer, 2. Manoj Agarwal – Senior Vice President Country Head Business, 3. Gopal Dalmia Chief Financial Officer, 4. Joydeep Datta Gupta – AVP-Secretarial & Legal, 5. Sanjib Mukherjee – Senior Vice President – Human Resources & Admin, 6. Niraj Singh – State Head Uttar Pradesh, UK, Bihar, Rajasthan & other operational States, 7. Sandeep Mukherjee – State Head-WB, Assam &ODI, 8. Anshuman Gupta- Head Technology, 9. Sudarsan Guhasirkar – Head Operations, 10.Raman Singh-G2C Head, Sahaj Mitra Journey started in 2007.

How many services in Sahaj

Financial Inclusion: 1. Banking Correspondent

                                     2. Sahaj AEPS DMT BBPS

sahaj mitra aeps commission

Financial Services: 1. Life Insurance

                                   2. Motor Insurance

                                   3. Health Insurance

                                  4. Crop Insurance

Sahaj mitra insurance commission

Government Services: 1. PAN       2.NIC UP       3. E-Stamping

E-Siksha:1. E-Learning                  2. Tech Mahindra

Entertainment: Hoichoi

EGI: Fastag

E Commerce: Sahaj Bazzar

Utilities:1. IRCTC             2. TAX2WIN             3. NB-SB PDCL                4. UPPCL

How to Registration Sahaj Mitra

SM to visit Sahaj Portal: and register himself.

SM gets 19 digit SM ID

SM to get calls from their respective District & States regarding scheme information

SM logs in to the portal with his VLE id & Password

SM receives a 16-digit VLE id, password & PIN via SMS & email.

CRM Team makes the final verification call

SM pays the roll-out fees after which his services get activated

SM receives Welcome Call

The details of his services are described by the agent in the Welcome Call as per SM requirements.



SM receives a 16-digit ID and Password on his mail ID after successful registration in Sahaj. He receives an SMS in his registered mobile no. and an email asking him for making payment of rollout fees. SM needs to log in to Sahaj Portal with the same 16-digit ID and Password to first time pay his rollout fees & then start his business in Sahaj Portal.

Sahaj Mitra Banking Correspondent

Sahaj Mitra is a banking correspondent (BC) of Axis Bank. As a BC, Sahaj Mitra acts as a representative of Axis Bank, providing basic banking services to people in rural and remote areas. Sahaj Mitra plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the bank and the unbanked population by offering services such as account opening, cash deposits and withdrawals, and fund transfers. Through their presence in these underserved areas, Sahaj Mitra aims to enhance financial inclusion and empower individuals with access to formal banking services.

Sahaj Mitra AEPS/DMT Commission

ServiceDetailSM sharePM share
ServiceSM sharePM share

Sahaj Mitra Vle Income

Money Transfer
Avg. transaction of ₹ 4500

₹ 20.97
Avg. transaction of ₹ 3500

₹ 10
Micro ATM
Avg. transaction of ₹ 3500
₹ 10
Mini Statement₹ 1.2
Mobile Recharge
Avg transaction of ₹ 140
₹ 1.85
DTH Recharge
Avg transaction of ₹ 250

₹ 3.51
Bike Insurance 2 wheeler OD, TP, CP
₹ 1.36
Bike Insurance 2 wheeler OD, TP,CP₹ 70, 120, 175
4 Wheeler Insurance OD, TP, CP₹ 420, 450, 830
Tractors Insurance₹ 3150
LIC Premium Collection
Avg transaction of ₹ 4000

₹ 12
ITR Filing Business for Rs.949 plan

₹ 281.48
ITR Filing Salaried for Rs.590 plan

₹ 175
PAN Card
Avg transaction of ₹ 72

₹ 8.82

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