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India’s one of the best card games, “RUMMY MODERN”. If you download this game and sign up, you will get an instant bonus of Rs41 through the company. You can play the game with your signup bonus. That’s why this game is better than all games. You can make more money by playing this game. You will get a 30% commission from each referral if you prefer this game to someone.

Why download and play rummy modern

Rummy game download, play, and refer to your friends. Then you can gain a daily Rs1000 commission from every referral player.

For example- suppose you share this game with your 10 friends, and they install this game on their device and play.

Suppose 10 friends play this game continuously with a minimum of Rs500.

Then multiply the money 500 by the total player’s number then you will get


Now Your Commission will be = 5000*30% = 1500

Now your total earnings will be 1500/-

What is rummy?

Rummy is a kind of play card game. It is only played with play cards. There are many types of rummy games – rummy, 3 Patti, in-out, best of 5, 3 card poker, poker, variation, 10 cards, 3 Patti 20-20, baccarat, and much more.

How to Install Rummy Game

Here is a link to the rummy modern game for you.

First, click on the link and download the rummy game.

After downloading the game, click on the install button to install. Wait for a few seconds to complete the installation.

When it is successfully installed, you will open the game.

Then it would help if you skipped all the notifications and popups.

After skipping all the notifications and popups, you will get an interface. Then, you notice the top of the left corner on your dashboard, and you will get a guest id and click there to increase your Rs11 to Rs41.

Now you will get a new interface, namely the bound button. Click on the button and get another interface where you enter your phone number and password, confirm the password, and send OTP. After entering the OTP, click on the confirm button.

When KYC is successful, then you get Rs41 in your game wallet. Now you are ready to play.

How to play rummy?

The highest point getter is to object every hand. Getting rid of all cards is hand setup.

Who has the lowest card is called the first dealer. If it is tied, try to change the dealer and shuffle the cards again.

Then the deals are based on several players.

10 cards for 2 players,

Seven cards for 3 to 4 players or 6 cards for 5 to 6 players.

Players look at their cards but hide them from their opponents. The remaining cards are placed face-down on the table.

Face up to form a discard pile.

Beginning with the player to the dealer’s left and proceeding clockwise, the player’s turn begins by picking up.

One card from either the stock or discard pile and add it to their hand.

If any point in the game stockpile runs out, then the discard pile is shuffled again from a new stockpile.

Becomes the first card in the discard pile.

After adding a card to your hand, you have 2 optional plays, melding and laying off, and you make a meld.

Either having 3 or more of a kind or 3 or more of a run.

One run is cards of the same suit in increasing or decreasing order when you make a meld.

You may also lay off during your turn by adding one or more cards from your hands to any meld already on the table laying off is optional, and there is no limit to the number of cards you can lay off.

When you are finished melding and laying off, you end your turn and must discard 1 card face up onto the discard pile.

If you like this, please click on the link and download the rummy game to play.

How many cards in rummy?

There are 53 games of 52 play cards. Many types of rummy games all over the world. But I will mention here only a few types of rummy games on this page.

The first one is ten cards rummy game played with 2,3 or 4 players. Each player will get 10 cards, and the remaining cards face down on the table in a stockpile.

Secondly, in the rummy game with 5 players, every player will get 6 cards.


The most important thing is the rummy game which is played everywhere all over India that is –

There are 52 play cards in the Indian rummy game, which is played with 4 players. Each player will get 13 cards.

How to withdraw your winning money.

First, you open your rummy game app, and you will get a dashboard with a variety of rummy game options. Where on the right-hand side down corner, you will get withdraw option. You will get a new interface when you click on the withdraw option.

There will be two option

  1. Chip to BANK
  2. Chip to UPI

Now, if you click on the chip to bank option, you will get a form where you need to enter your bank details and wait for a few moments to complete the process. After adding your bank account, you can withdraw your real earning money.

Chip to UPI is the Same process.

How to add a chip?

Go to your rummy dashboard and click on the right-hand side down corner on the pay button, and you will get a new interface where you get many chips option from 11 to 100000. You can add any chips, whatever you want.

Support system

It is a very strong support system only on official telegram 7X24. You can ask rummy game related any question. You will get a solution in a few seconds from our office staff.

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