Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam 2021


Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam 2021Today Big Braking News Of Assam Public, Assam Govt. Realize Online Land & Property Related Portal Lunch. This Portal is totally a land record that maintains a related website. Big Braking Assam today Online Land Buy and Selling, Online Registration Land Property, Land Registration with proof. This Mission Start 02-10-2021 and Official Website- Basundhara.assam.gov.in this website land all problem solve.

What is Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam 2021

Mission Basundhara is the Assam govt. New Scheme this scheme all in all land related all problem is online. Dear all Assam people today lunch Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma Lunch land regarding portal basundhara.assam.gov.in thoro this portal your legal land online registration and land transfer with proof.

How to online Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam 2021

All Assam people visit the official website basundhara.assam.gov.in provided all information next article today only lunch this website more information not still I will discuss the next article on how to online work.

Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam 2021 reviews

Assam Revenue Management Minister Jogen Mohan said that proper land records Assam people and many problems Assam people, so, the online platform is a very helpful step.

This portal realizes 02-10-2021. Assam people any nine work in the portal, land transfer, land registration online, copy of land property, etc. My all visiter I am informed much information next article so, you can visit my site digitalservice.org.in.

Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam
Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam
Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam 2021 solve nine problems and discuss

Nine Important services I will discuss Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam

1st Land mutations by inheritance rights.

2nd Land mutation after document registration.

3rd Division for the undisputed case.

4th Conversion of ‘Annual Pages’ to Periodic Pages.

5th Land rearrangement.

6th Interesting names of people who are no longer in possession.

7th Certificate of Allocation on Periodic Patta.

8th Legacy data update.

9th Mobile Number Update for pattadar.

Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam 2021 benefits people

Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam 2021 benefits people I will provide Nine important services. These are nine services that provided the most benefit. This work is not going to the revenue office this work publice help related online provided.

Important Documents Mission Basundhara Lunch Assam 2021

Mutation by right of inheritance

  • 1. Death Certificate
  • 2. Next of kin certificate
  • OR   Certificate from gaon pradhan or from ward member / Executive officer in case of Town
  • OR   Probate from the court in case of will
  • OR   Relationship Affidavit
  • 3. Consent of other next of kin opting out of mutation, if any

Mutation after deed registration

  • 1. Deed Copy
  • 2. NOC Copy

Partition for undisputed cases

  • Jamabandi Copy

Reclassification of agricultural land to non-agricultural land less than 1 bigha

  • Up-to-date Land Revenue Receipt

Allotment certificate to Periodic Patta

  • Allotment certificate
  • Up-to-date Land Revenue Receipts
  • Legal Heir Document, if not original allottee

Conversion from Annual Patta to Periodic Patta

  • Up-to-date Land Revenue Receipt

Striking out of name from patta

  • Jamabandi Copy

Mobile Number Updation

  1. ID Proof
  • a. Passport
  • b. Driving License
  • c. PAN Card
  • d. MG NREGA Job Card

Legacy Data Updation
Name Correction

  1. ID Proof
  • a. Passport
  • b. Driving License
  • c. PAN Card
  • d. MG NREGA Job Card

Area Correction

  1. Jamabandi Copy
  2. Up-to-date Land Revenue Receipt

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