IFFCO NANO Urea (liquid) is better than IFFCO Urea fertilizer:IFFCO NANO Urea Available CSC Center

IFFCO NANO Urea (liquid)bennar

IFFCO NANO Urea is the only nano fertilizer and fertilizer control order (FCO) approved by the Government of India.

It has been developed and Patented by IFFCO.

NANO Urea 1 bottle application can make effective changes of at least 1 Bag Urea.

ICAR- It has been tested on more than 90 crops at 11,000 locations in collaboration with KVKs, research institutes, state agricultural universities and progressive farmers of India.

Spray leaves, NANO Urea easily penetrates through Stomata and other shells and plant cells assimilate it. It is easily distributed through Phloem from source for drowning inside the plant as per its requirement. Unused Nitrogen plant Vacuole is stored and gradually released for proper development and development of plants. NANO Urea small size (20-50 nm) increases crop availability by more than 80%.

iffco nano urea


It spreads evenly in 4.0% total Nitrogen (w/v) of water

The size of NANO Nitrogen particles varies from 20-50 nm.

Benefits of IFFCO NANO Urea

It effectively meets the Nitrogen requirements of the crop, increasing leaf photosynthesis, root biomass, functional mounds and branches,

Increases farmers’ income by increasing crop productivity and reducing the cost of Input.

For high efficiency, it can reduce the traditional Urea requirement by 50% or more.

Farmers can easily store or manage a bottle (500 ml) NANO Urea|

It helps in preserving soil, air and water quality.

Terms of use

Application rate, time and procedure

Mix 2 to 4 ml NANO Urea in a litre of water and Spray on the grain leaves during the active growth phase.

Apply 2 foliar spray for best results.

Active Tillering / branching first Spray (Germination 30-35 days or 20-25 days after transplant)

The second Spray 20-25 days after the first Spray or before the flower inginthe crop.

Note – Nitrogen applied through DAP or complex fertilizers should not be made at the base level. Reduce the Urea wearing only top clothes applied to 2-3 partitions; The number of NANO Urea Spray can be increased depending on the crop and its Nitrogen requirements)


Shake the bottle well before use.

Use flat foam or chopped Nozzles to sprinkle on the leaves.

Spray avoiddew in the morning or evening.

If it rains within 12 hours of NANO Urea Spray, it is advised to repeat Spray

Nano urea can be easily mixed with biostimulators, 100% water-soluble fertilizers and agrochemicals. It is always recommended to check jar before mixing and Spray for compatibility.

NANO Urea should be used within 2 years from its date of construction for better results.


NANO Urea tests have been conducted for biosecurity and toxicity as per the international guidelines of the Government of India and OECD.

NANO Urea safe for users; Safe and not toxic to plants and animals, however, it is recommended to use face masks and hand socks when Spray in crops.

Avoid high temperatures and keep them in dry areas and avoid the reach of children and pets.

Special Mention:

It has 4.0% total Nitrogen (w/v) spread evenly in water and the size of particles Nitrogen varies from 20-50 nm.

About this item

Brand:                           IFFCO

Shipping weight:           560g

What’s in the box:         One bottle of NANO Urea

Manufacturer:               IFFCO

Country of origin:          India

Sales through:              IFFCO Web and CSC Centre

Start applying online at CSC Centre.

Go to the nearest CCS centre and register your name.

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