Board of Secondary Education Assam finalize two committees in 2021


Board of Secondary Education Assam for Class 10, 12, and by the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council for Higher Secondary in the year 2021 could not be held at this time. Conducting the examination with various stakeholders was done from time to time including with the Health Department of the Government of Assam.

Board of Secondary Education Assam Govt forms committee to finalize evaluation modalities for class 10, 12 results

In the meeting, Health Department has given allowance to the prevailing situation of Covid- the 19 districts wise including its probable continuity. After discussion it was resolved that as decided by the Central Board of Secondary Education and Examination Boards of some other States, the Examination to be directed by Al ISEC and SEBA for the year 2021 should be canceled and also in order to save the academic year of students, as decided by the CBSE and other Boards, results have to be published by AHSEC and SEBA in time through an alternative method of amends.

The article was also discussed by the Cabinet, in its meeting held on 16th June 2021 and the Cabinet recommended that it would be not possible to conduct HSLC, High Madrassa, and Higher Secondary final Examinations in view of the governing positivity rate of Covid-19. Cabinet also suggested that the final decision would be taken in this judgment on l 81 June 2021 at a meeting between Education Department and various other resolve holders. In accordance with the direction of the Cabinet, a meeting of the different stakeholders was held on 18th June 2021 to discuss the issue.

The Chairman AHSEC and SEBA informed that internal assessment marks of selected subjects and Practical Examination of selected subjects have already been completed and the marks secured by each of the candidates are already uploaded in their several systems. But they do not have any system of recording marks secured by the students in internal Examinations conducted by the school, like Unit Test, Half-yearly/Annual/Test Examination, etc. These records are available with schools only. Therefore subject wise evaluation of each student for theory portion arc to be done by adopting some principles as decided by the Government of Assam.

Accordingly, the Education Department, Government of Assam decided to cancel the examination and also decided to constitute two different Committees severally for the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council and Board of Secondary Education, Assam to suggest the procedure to be adopted to prepare the results of HSLC/AHM( Class -X Final) and Higher Secondary Final Examination ( Class- 12 ) for the Academic year 2020-21.

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Committee for HSLC/AHM ( Class X Final ) Examination

I. Dr. Alok Buragohain, Former VC DU and Chairperson Academic RGU •••

2. Chairman SEBA• •• Chairman Member

3. Sri SN Das Deputy Secretary, Secondary Education– Member

4. Sri Prasana Bora,IS Kamrup (Metro) • Member

5. Sri Ranjit Dam, Principal, Kachokhana HSS Dhubri-• Member

6. Sri Hakim Tarafdar, Principal, Jaraguri HSS Kokrajhar– Member

7. Sri CB Rai, Principal, Kamrup Academy, Kamrup Metro• Member

8. Sri Mrinal Khaund, Head Master, Muhirarn Hazarika High School, Golaghat••• Member

9. Secretary SEBA •••• Convenor

Board of Secondary Education Assam finalize two committees in 2021

B. Committee for Higher Secondary Final Examination

1. Prof. Dipak Kumar Shanna VC Kumar Bhaskar Vanna Sanskrit & Ancient Studies Universi ty•• Chainnan

2. Chainnan AHSEC•• Member

3. Smt.Nibedita Laskar, Joint Secretary, Higher Education– Member

4. Dr. SN Bannan, Principal, B.Barooah College– Member

5. Dr. S.Borkotoky, Principa,l Nagaon College– Member

6. Sri Idris Ali, Principal,Dhubri Boys HSS– Member

7. Sri Ratan Pal, Narsingh HSS, Silchar•• Member

8. Smt Dipika Choudhury, IS, Dibrugarh– Member 9. Secretary AHSEC •Convenor


Board of Secondary Education Assam finalize two committees in 2021

I. The respective Committees will have to submit the procedure to be adopted by each school to evaluate each student, subject-wise for the marks assigned against the theory portion of each subject. 2. The procedures must be based on available records in the school against each student. 3. The respective Committees may study the procedure adopted by CBSE and other Examination Boards to arrive at a decision. 4. The respective Committee must give their report within 07 days from the date of constitution of the Committee.

The Board of Secondary Education, Assam (Orders)

Board of Secondary Education Assam finalizes two committees in 2021 Council has to provide all technical and official support to the respective Committee in order to arrive at a decision. On getting off their report, after proper examination Education Department, the Government of Assam will issue essential instruction to all concerned offices and schools to do the needful. The AHSEC and SEBA will prepare the final results after incorporating the marks obtained against the internal assessment, practical test number, and part of the theory from the trembling school. 30th July 2021.

Copies have been forwarded for information and required activities

I. The Chairman, Board of Secondary Education, Assam, Bamunimaidam, Guwahati-21 .

2. The Chairman, Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, Bamunimaidam , Guwahati-21

3. The Director of Secondary Education, Assam, Kahilipara, Ghy- 19.

4. The Principal Secretary, KAAC, Diphu /DHAC, Haflong /BTC, Kokrajhar

5. The Deputy Commissioner (All) ………………………………….

6. The Inspector of Schools (All) ……………………………………

7. The Secretary, Board of Secondary Education, Assam, Bamunimaidam, Guwahati-21

8. The Secretary, Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, Bamunimaidam, Guwahati-21

9. PS to Hon’ble Chief Minister, Assam

I 0. PS to Hon’ble Minister, Education, etc.Assam

1 1.PS to the Chief Secretary, Assam

12. PS to the Principal Secretary, Secondary Education Department, Dispur.

13. Person/Members Concerned.

14. The President/ General Secy., State Academic Council/AASU/Asom Sahitya Sabha/Bodo Sahitya Sabha/ABSU/Assam Madhyamik Siksha Aru Karmachari Santha I High School Teacher Association

Important Noties:

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