Assam Class X or XII Exams Results Evaluation Panel Submits Report.


Two committees constituted by the Government of Assam have submitted their reports to propose the process for assessment of 10th and 12th class students.

Assam Class X or XII Exams Two committees preparation

Two committees of the Assam government have submitted reports proposing methods of assessment of 10th and 12th class students, Assam government has formed two committees to prepare an assessment process for 10th and 12th class students in view of the cancellation of the state board this year due to the COVID-19 examination.

The Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA) and the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) will prepare the final results based on the formula published by the committee to evaluate the tenth and twelfth students. The results of the 10th, 12th class Assam Board will be announced by July 30.

Proposed Hindustan Times handed over its report to Assam Education Minister

According to the Hindustan Times, the proposed panel handed over its report to Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegur during the day, when the 10th results committee submitted its proposal on Thursday.

Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu will submit Class X and XII reports to Chief Minister Himanta Bishwa Sarma on Saturday.

Kumar Bhaskar Verma, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sanskrit and Ancient Studies, Professor Deepak Kumar Sharma, who led the committee for Assam Class X or XII Exams Results Evaluation Panel Submits, said after the committee meeting, “Class X results will be considered. Class XI will be continuously evaluated. And 12,”

He did not disclose the details of the test source

Sharma said the team members had read the procedures adopted by the CBSE and other state boards in compiling the report and also ensured that the interests of the students were protected.

The committee also made recommendations for students who may be dissatisfied with the results, adding that they could contact the Assam Higher Secondary Council (AHSEC).

When announcing this year’s exam chefs, Sharma said the decision was in the hands of the government

Another committee formed to make recommendations for the tenth-grade student assessment process has recommended that Class 9 and student numbers should be considered in advance, officials said.

The Class 10 Results Committee is chaired by the former Vice-Chancellor of Dibrukgarh University and Chairman of the Education Department of Royal Global University. Alok Buragohein.

The two bodies were established on June 19, 199 bodies, a day after the Department of Education decided to cancel the 10th and 12th board exams due to the current state of Covid-19.

Assam Class X or XII Exams Results
Both committees gave seven days to submit their reports.

The Second Board of Education,Assam Class X or XII Exams Results, Assam (SEBA) and AHSEC will finalize the final results on July 30, the notification said.

SEBA conducts Class 10 exams, and AHSEC conducts Class 12 exams.

The Education Minister said that the results of Class X and XII would be announced on July 31.

CBSE Assessment Process

Procedures should be based on the records available in the school against each student,

And the committees can study the assessment process adopted by the CBSE and other state boards for decision-making, it said. SEBA and AHSEC will provide all technical and official support to the concerned committees and the Department of Education will issue necessary instructions to all the concerned offices and schools after proper examination of the reports.

“AHSEC and SEBA will prepare the final results by July 30, 2021 after incorporating the marks obtained as opposed to the internal assessment, practical test and theory part obtained from the respective schools,” it added. The internal assessment of selected subjects and practical examinations has already been completed as informed by SEBA and AHSEC officials at Friday’s meeting, the notification said.

Records of numbers obtained in internal examinations conducted by schools are available only to the institutes. “Therefore, subject-based assessment of each student for the part of the theory should be done in accordance with the policies laid down by the Government of Assam,” the statement said. Education Minister Ranoj Pegu said on Friday that the results of the state board examination would be announced by July 31 based on the proposed assessment process of the two committees.

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